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The RoadCEO Story

RoadCEO is a large virtual resource for outdoor explorers, adventurists, RV enthusiasts, road warriors and especially OTR (over the road) Truck Drivers.

The website is the brain child of Wacky Eagle, who came up with the idea as a result of being called into his boss’s office. He thought “Oh no what did I do?”. His boss said “I know you are a Boy Scout Leader and you go camping a lot. I want to go camping this summer for my vacation. Do you happen to know any good places for me to go? I have already looked around on the internet and it seems I have to go to hundreds of different websites.” With that the idea for RoadCEO was born. Wacky Eagle then developed and coded the website.

One day Wacky Eagle was in a sporting goods store and met Parradox; they got to talking and quickly became friends. Parradox is the star of the video series and author of many of the blog posts.

It is our wish that you find this site helpful and fun. We encourage you to come back often to witness the changes happening in real time.

We live in a large, beautiful and expansive country where there is so much to see and do. This site is truly for everyone, and here is where you come into play. As you "play" and "explore" tell us where you are and what you are doing. Also help us keep our listings updated by correcting any wrong or outdated information, adding listings we don't have and by adding comments so others know about your experiences at that location.

Who knows - maybe we will be nearby and could pay you a visit! See you around this beautiful country of ours.
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