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Herbs and Spices Recipes

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2 tb Minced dehydrated onion

2 tb Seasame seeds

2 tb Parsley flakes

2 ts Oregano

2 ts Garlic powder

1 ts Celery seed

1 ts Marjoram

1 ts Dried basil

1 ts Spearmint

1 ts Spearmint

1 ts Bay leaf powder

12 ts Dill seed

12 ts Thyme

12 ts Coriander

12 ts Dry mustard

12 ts Rosemary

In a blender blend dehydrated onion into finer pieces Add remaining herbs Blend to mix well but do not make into a powder To keep herbs fresh store in shaker top bottle with tight fitting lid Can be used on all cooking and at the table too to be used instead of salt This is also bottled as commerical product called "Instead of Salt" All Purpose Herb Seasoning if you want to save time Yield 1 34 oz or 9 34 tablespoon or 29 12 teaspoon Source Heathier Eating Guide amp Goodbook by George Mateljan Brought to you and yours via Nancy OBrion and her MealMaster

6 c Apples cored and chopped

1 c Lovage fresh

1 md Sweet red pepper cored

Seeded and chopped 1 md Red tomato cored peeled

Chopped 1 md Green tomato cored chopped

1 md Onion peeled and chopped

3 Garlic cloves minced

1 c Golden raisins

14 c Fresh ginger peeled minced

1 c Light brown sugar packed

1 c White wine vinegar

1 tb Mustard seeds

1 ts Celery seeds

Combine all ingredients in nonreactive pan Bring to boil over medhigh heat stirring constantly Reduce heat to medlow and simmer uncovered stirring frequently for 45 mins or until thickened Prepare jars lids and boiling water bath Fill jars with hot mixture leaving 14 inch headspace Wipe rims with clean towel and attach lids securely Place jars in boiling water bath and when the water returns to the boil process for 15 mins

JTS SOUTHWEST VINGAR 8 c Dry basil leaves and blooms

2 Heads peeled garlic cloves

10 Dried red peppers

1 ga Red wine vinegar

CHEFS BLEND VINEGAR 4 c Dry rosemary

4 c Dry basil leaves

30 Stems of marjoram 6" long

2 Heads of garlic peeled

3 tb Crushed red pepper

1 ga Red wine vinegar

1 Put all the ingredients called for in the recipe of your choice

except vinegar in a onegallon glass jar 2 Heat the vinegar in a nonaluminum pot but do not boil and pour

about half over the herb mixture 3Crush and bruise the herbs with a wooden spoon to release their

flavor into the vingar Top off the jar with the remaining vinegar 4 Cover the glass jar with a nonmetallic lid and store in a cool dry

place for two weeks Strain the vinegar and pour into display bottles Add sprigs of fresh herbs to each bottle for visual interest if desired

4 Red snapper fillets 4oz ea

2 ts Chinese hot bean paste

14 c 1 Tbsp parsley chopped

1 tb Chives chopped

1 tb Flour allpurpose

12 Sundried tomato halves

1 tb Olive oil

1 12 tb Lemon juice

12 oz Pine nuts toasted

1 cl Garlic minced

1 With sharp knife score skin of fillets several times Spread bean

paste evenly over skin In small bowl combine parsley and chives sprinkle herbs and flour evenly over snapper Place wax paper over snapper and press down firmly Set aside 2 Cover tomatoes with 12 cup boiling water for 2 minutes drain and

reserve 14 cup liquid Chop tomatoes and set aside 3 In large nonstick skillet heat 1 teaspoon oil Place snapper in

skillet skinside down cook 4 minutes With spatula gently turn and cook 3 minutes longer until cooked through Remove snapper to plate and keep warm 4 Stir the lemon juice and remaining 2 teaspoons oil into skillet

Add tomatoes and reserved liquid pine nuts and garlic cook 1 minute until heated through Spoon sauce evenly over snapper

3 tb Dried marjoram

3 tb Dried thyme

1 tb Dried summer savory

1 tb Dried sweet basil

12 ts Dried rosemary crumbled

12 ts Crushed sage

12 ts Fennel seeds

Combine herbs mixing well Pack into an airtight jar will stay fresh 4 months Makes 4 ounces This recipe dates back to the 1800s Orginated Joan Tucker Victoria BC Source The TimesColonist Newspaper Feb 994 From the collection of K Deck

POACHING LIQUID 2 c Chicken broth low sodium

1 c Tomato juice

1 md Onion quartered

2 md Celery ribs cut into 2"

pieces 1 md Carrot cut into 2" pieces

1 bn Parsley

14 c Tomato paste low sodium

1 lg Cube of fish bouillon

5 cl Garlic peeled

14 ts Ground saffron

COD 4 Codfish steaks 4oz each

1 c Leeks thinly sliced

1 md Green bell pepper julienned

1 md Tomato cut into wedges

1 In large Dutch oven bring 2 cups water and poaching liquid

ingredients to a boil Reduce heat to low and simmer 45 minutes Strain liquid into large skillet and discard solids Continue simmering liquid until reduced to 1 12 cups 2 Place cod leeks bell pepper and tomato in liquid bring to a

simmer Cover and poach 56 minutes or until cooked through 3 To serve divide liquid and vegetables equally among 4 bowls Cut

cod into large pieces and divide equally among bowls

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