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  98. Seven Ways to Get Out of Work and Go Camping
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  123. Three Things Needed For Fire
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  155. Zion National Park

Scott Robertson was born into a wonderful Air Force family in July 1975. He grew up moving every few years and attending more schools then houses he lived in. While in the third and fourth grade he went through medical test, leaving him feeling like a guinea pig, to determine what his learning disabilities were. The end result was a long laundry list including ADHD and Dyslexia. After many years of hard work, most people today when told of Scott's disabilities look at him funny and say “You are? I would have never guessed.” Scott does not allow himself to use his disabilities as an excuse but rather sees them as obstacles to deal with everyday.

All the moving around and changing schools did leave a toll on young Scott. It turned him into a hermit during his Junior and Senior High School years. As a result Scott befriended the computer. In the fifth grade, for example, his teacher got a new Apple II C for the classroom. Scott begged for days to set it up for her. His teacher politely declined each time saying the School would be sending some over in a few days to set it up. Finally Scott wore her down. Over a short period of time not only did he hook the computer up and had it working, he told her she needed to contact Apple because the printer cable was missing. She checked and sure enough the computer was working. Then with shock she noticed all manuals were still factory sealed. From that point on Scott was sent to other teachers to help with their technical problems. Scott started High School already able to write basic computer programs.

Boy Scouting was and still is a big part of Scott's life. He is an Eagle Scout and an avid outdoorsman. Through Scouting Scott has learned all about the outdoors including: outdoor skills, survival, nature (but don't ask him to identify any plants though), fire building, knot tying and so much more. Scout's made Scott who he is today. Scott has a lot of experience in Scouting including working with local units, District, Training Team, Council, Chairing an International Jamboree three times, summer camp staff four times, and much more.

Scott is proud of what he has achieved in school, but if you ask him what one achievement means the most to him, he will tell you without blinking an eye, “earning Eagle Scout”. For those of you who do not know, Eagle Scout is the highest rank in the Boy Scouts, which takes many years to earn. To do this one has to demonstrate their skills in a number of subjects including outdoors and leadership.

The great outdoors, is one of the places Scott feels the most relaxed and at home. He has been camping longer then he has been walking, and “Scouting” the outdoors almost as long. Scott at one time would go camping or backpacking at least twice a month. He has backpacked over 60 miles in 8 days, and on two other occasions has backpacked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. On four occasions, while on summer camp staff, he has spent at least 6 weeks living out of a tent.

As a result of spending all of this time in the outdoors Scott has developed a passion for protecting the environment and educating others how they can do the same. Scott has worked in education as a computer tutor, as well as running his college's only Unix User group. He also knows how to make learning about the outdoors fun, as a result of his Scouting background.

In life, besides computers, business and Scouts, Scott enjoys camping and hiking, writing children's fiction, taking photos, shooting video, cooking, learning, reading, traveling, meeting new people and overcoming challenges.

Scott is an entrepreneur at heart, he is one of those that it is the challenge, the journey, the adventure that its all about. He has experience being part of and running a number of businesses. Scott knows that in order to have a chance to succeed one has to take the chance of failing... Scott does not know what give up means, if one way doesn't work, it just means it's time to find another way.