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By:    On: 2010-12-08


A Moment to Think: 1st Principle

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Sometime ago I made a suggestion of a book to have with you to engage during your moments to think. I have also been reading this book, and having quite an experience of furthering my “self-discovery” by the exploration of the 17 Principles of Success. These principles is not about budgeting, loan rates, or anything like that, but is more about the investment of yourself in the understanding of the world around you being the manifestation of your subconscious mind.  During the next several weeks I am going to explore these 17 Principles of Success with it being my desire, that we can do this together by you making the purchase of the book,” Your Magic Power to be Rich” as I did, and/or making use of the pdf file link that is provided for you in my post A_Moment_of_Peace_to_Think.html .

It is not my attempt to rewrite the words of Napoleon Hill for that would be foolish, like a student wishing to rewrite the books of a Master. I am student of these Principles for I am desiring to have a greater understanding so that I am may be able to apply these teachings even more in my daily life. The overall mission is expressed in these words,

”After reading the book thoroughly, Dr. Miller Reese Hutchison, nationally known Consulting Engineer and long-lasting associate of Thomas A. Edison, said- “This is not a novel. It is a textbook on individual achievement that came directly from the experiences of hundreds of America’s most successful men. It should be studied, digested, and mediated upon. No more than one chapter should be read in a single night. The reader should underline the sentences which impress him most. Later, he should go back to these marked lines and read them again. A real student will not merely read this book, he will absorb its contents and make them his own.”–Think and Grow Rich pdf 2009 pg 8

This philosophy is neither empty nor untested, but an accumulation of 25 yrs of study to include over 500 people, even during the years of the Great Depression this philosophy was proven a workable success!   

It is with my hopes that we can start a book club of sorts with you, and all other Roadceos leaving comments to encourage discussion of these principles that we are going to explore over the next coming weeks. So with this let us begin with the following paragraph, as our “mission” for it is my purpose of sharing this with you.

                The 1st Principle is DESIRE defined as to long for, to crave; the meaning of the word desirable (something worth having) should also be considered. I would also say that this is a sensation within yourself that is so intense that is not in parallel with any other feeling; that it stands out as if there is a tugging at your heart to pursue a specific direction. The DESIRE should be so intense as to make momentum for you as if to carry you like the current in a river.

                To have substance with your DESIRE is to dream “the having” of a visual picture that you experience as the “end result” as to what you want to obtain. To dream means to exercise your imagination, yes your imagination. Imagination at one point in your life gave great enjoyment, and now most adults no longer are imaginative and are going through the motions without the enjoyment of LIFE. Do you see the connection here?   The more you use your imagination equals more enjoyment of LIFE; thus, the use of imagination is of great value, not a waste of time fueled by fantasy.  

All things come about from an Idea; this idea takes shape and has dimension by the use of imagination. Ideas were the birth of the “horseless carriage” the automobile, airplanes, and skyscrapers. Even though these are grand accomplishments, ideas are also the birth of the pencil, paper, and the eraser; the items that we take for granted, were the very items used to deliver the greatest inventions.   Therefore, with your pencil, paper, and eraser what is your idea fueled by DESIRE. This idea does not need to be something that can be touched, but equally so, something that is non-tangible that may mean to you a better relationship with your spouse, children, friends, or also the work place, and so on. Whatever your DESIRE is that has taken shaped in your idea, exercise your imagination to fuel the image in your mind with your focus as to be the “end result”. Do not be overly concerned with the details of “how”, but take trust in the Forces of the Infinite Intelligence in following the guidance that is leading you to your DESIRE.

                So now that I have made my statement of this principle as a student, let us hear from Napoleon Hill himself to hear in his own words. Understand that I can testify to the Truth and Reality of what is express here, so much so that it gives me more reason to share with you here on and I say this to remove disbelief and skepticism. This is not a gimmick or trickery of any kind, and I have my own experience to testify to this.   

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