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By:    On: 2011-05-11

Denver, Colorado
My digital camera does not stop taking snapshots of the places that are so mezmorizing, to experience it through the camera lens does not do it justice. Take the time to visit the country, and see the sights of nature, the history, the geology that makes up this country. Eat the local cuisine, and talk to the local peeps to understand the culture and history of where they're from. Famous places, interesting people, the photos are not just about a sight or a place, it is the meaning of the moment and capturing the moment of what you feel.

Produces circulating coinage. 
(Penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, gold coin dollar)

                                                Lake Powell, Utah

Lake Powell, Utah
Excellent for boating, RVing, camping and peacefulness. Join in a group of hikers who venture out to one of the National Parks. Houseboats become most popular during the summer season vegging out on the Colorado River - Utah side. 

Red Rock State Park, Nevada: Sandstone Rock

Red Rock State Park, Nevada

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