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By:    On: 2011-05-25


Writing on the road is more complicated than some might think. In fact, work of any kind for me at least proves time and time again to not be productive. Even with the use of my laptop, and internet connectivity at various lodging places, my work seems to always get put off until I get home. The vicious circle rears its head again when home means unpacking, laundry, pay bills, resubscribe to the newspaper put on hold, and a myriad of other reasons or excuses. Though I am a freelance writer, the boss gets upset when my writings are late or when peeking at the topic is not permitted.

The work is supposed come from the love not the stress of accomplishing tasks. This week, I have had some introspective on the quality of work versus the necessity if its purpose. And, then I am out on a trip feeling free to take my journeys anywhere with nothing holding me back from the ultimate joy of visiting a new place and culture. Live and let live, so focusing and complaining about "the when or how" of it is proven ineffective. And, so I reflect on why I am a writer with the knowledge and inspiration I pass on to you.

Write to write for the love and the talent. Write in hopes your words are read and appreciated. Do what you do, with passion and value. Recently, I met some new people who have the thirst for the arts, cuisine and culture that elevates my mood. And, as new members to the RoadCEO blog gave stellar reviews to its writers. Just being a part of that makes me feel whole. Being in groups of people and hearing other opinions gathers more substance to what I do and leaves me with other impressions I may have not otherwise seen.

Writing comes from inspiration, dedication and the craft to succeed. It is the purpose to find meaning whereever it can be found. Be a freespirit and reach out to the readers who find interest in someone else's life and experiences. Travel and experience life, journal and scrapbook your creativity and share it. My life has been blessed because of my craft, let it bring you joy as it has brought to me.

There is not good way to encourage or discourage this lifestyle except to say;
“Do it with passion, conviction, dedication, and action."

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