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By:    On: 2010-12-03

Last week I wrote about the Pineal Gland in our brains and the chemical compound that is identified as DMT, which is produced by this Gland. Last week’s post was a lot of information, this I understand, as inspiration takes hold of me I just go with the flow. When I write it feels as if there is a craving that someone (may be you) has that needs be satisfied, with this being the way to answer that need. Therefore, to satisfy this need, here are a few more thoughts on last week’s post of the Pineal Gland that I wanted to further comment on.

First to summarize, the pineal gland is understood to produce the chemical compound known as DMT. When volunteers are receiving doses of DMT, they experience another consciousness detailing the existence of a reality functioning on different frequencies.  In suggestion to experience this on a “self pace”, would be to look at the world in and around you while being sensitive to the sensations that you experience within yourself as a guide in reducing the stress that factors in your congestion of the energies. I am to suggest that the least tension in your body the more affect you will naturally experience. In reducing the stress pay attention to your “Thought Feeling”, your diet, the arrangement of your areas of home and work, the relationships you have with people, even the affect that you experience with colors, and so on.


Now for a “few more thoughts”, I am unable to give specific reference (which is not normal for me), but I know Jesus spoke the words of, “For if man were to fall silent, then even the rocks and trees would cry out in praise.” So is to say that Jesus was speaking on something that took 2,000yrs for us to learn, that nature has a “voice”; in this composition I say yes! From this link, you can understand that DMT is found in plants and animals

Green Earth

So what am I saying here? I am saying that DMT experiences have given clear testimony to there being more to our world then what we normally perceive. DMT seems to be the chemical compound key to this perception. Not only is DMT production localized in your brain by the pineal gland, it is located in animals and plants all over the Earth. Is DMT a property of Global Consciousness; is this chemical compound the “tangibility”?   I will say “yes” with further discovery to give more evidence.

Now let us come to the point of this post. There is a harmonious relationship that you experience being outside giving you a “recharge”. The more harmony you are with yourself, the more harmony you are with nature; the nature that has a Voice. Understand that you are linked in ways that you are just coming to understand, and many more that you are still to discover. Your relationship with Nature is truly symphonic with breathing the same air, drinking the same water, leaning towards one Sun, and now with a new understanding of being directly chemically connected. The connection residing at the base of your brain where it is thought to be “The Seat of Consciousness”.

 There are more connections with you and nature then you thought, so it is worth considering your relationship with the ambition to be in more harmony with yourself and with Mother Nature.

 Let US Connect!

Always Thank You! Be Safe RoadCeos. 



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