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By:    On: 2010-12-23

Kelsey, my dog, or was my dog as she died a few years ago, was my favorite travel companion. She never complained, other then when she needed to find a bush to squat on. She always went with the flow, she didn't care where the car ended up as long as she could go exploring and get her little bushy tail wagging. She did not bring along a ton of gear. All she needed was her leash, a blanket to lay on (depending on the terrain), a bowl for water / food, and of course water / food.

Where you go can make a big difference to how enjoyable your adventure is both you and your dog. For example in all National Parks dogs are not allowed on trails or in the back country. Recently I was in a state park in Utah and they did not allow dogs on trails either. My suggestion is in advance, check with the ranger station to find out where pets are allowed.

A pet peeve... If you take your dog off the leash, know that almost everywhere you are breaking the law. Also take responsibility for your dog, clean up after them, and if anything happens it is your fault. Don't leave them locked up in your car or tied up with no one around, no matter how short of a time you think you will be gone.

A tip... Always carry vet / shot records for your pets. As A kid I can remember countless times park rangers and even state border crossing stations wanted to see proof of shots. Also, of course, always carry food and water for you pets.

Do you have any tips for traveling with pets?

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