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By:    On: 2010-12-18

Close your eyes and relax... take a few deep breaths … open your mind... come do it, this will help you understand the concepts in this post...

How often have you heard, the way to great achievements is by going “up” stream, go “up” the mountain, or even “up” the road. Why does is it “up”? This is just plain wrong, but before I explain why, let me explain what the “stream” is as explained by Abraham Hicks.

The “stream” is made of all our thoughts and the actions we take. The more out of harmony we are, the more turbulent our stream will be. We control the stream, what is in it, what is around it, how fast its moving, even what obstacles are in and around it; with nothing more then our own thoughts. If we control our thoughts we control our stream.

Let me give you an example from my own stream. Shortly after I started going downstream I cam to a waterfall with a very long drop off. I allowed my fear to paralyze me. I was frozen, not going up or down stream. Then I finally realized its my stream and the waterfall was just an illusion, with just a matter of thought I was in the stream below the waterfall, with the waterfall behind me. Since then things have smoothed out a lot for me.

The stream will bring to us exactly the results of everything we think in the order that we had thought it. However, keep in mind the results of our thoughts are placed first in a escrow, a holding bank if you will, first. Our stream withdraws from our escrow and brings it back to us. The way we control our thoughts, controls what our stream bring to us.

If we say to ourselves, I just need a bit more time, well you are actually slowing down the stream, or even pausing it – causing a delay in the stream bring us what we had thought. At the same time the stream has no conscious it will bring us the results of our thought regardless if good or bad things. As Shakespeare once wrote for Hamlet “We are what we pretend to be, so we most be careful what we pretend to be.”, as we most also be careful what we think.

I can tell you from experience, there is only one logical way to travel on a stream, and thats downstream. Have you ever tried to paddle up stream? Do you remember how much work and effort it was? Do you recall how tired you were afterwards? Ok, you could get a huge boat motor and muscle your way upstream, but come on really is it worth all that effort? Why do something that is not needed, and is actually counter productive? Why not just go with the flow and let the stream do the work?

Once I finally let the oars go and stopped trying to go upstream, everything in my life started to smooth out. My stress level dropped, my alertness and follow through improved. It was like a great weight being lifted off my shoulders and a sense of fun and adventure being returned. I am still facing with challenges my past ways and thoughts created. I am floating down stream and finding a few things along the way. I now know the longer and farther I allow myself to float the more the stream will bring to me and the more work it will do on my behalf. It is a matter of learning to control your thoughts in order to control what the stream does for you and what it brings to you.

Yes, our thoughts are mightier then the pen or the sword. I hope this post opened your eyes some, and did not confuse you to much. Concepts like these often take a lot of pondering on my behalf to fully understand, I hope you will put some ponder time in yourself.

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