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By:    On: 2010-12-02

Here are some wacky rv photos I found around the web ... Hope you enjoy...

Is this the perfect hearse or what for an rver?


Who order the red neck, hill billy jed mobile?


Any hippies around ... ah el well, guess I will take this beaut for a drive...
which way to the ocean?


Is this a train, a rv, or some wacky circus mobile... whatever it is, it is cool


"I built it myself" and the wood can't blow it down ....


Home sweet home ... home is where the road ends...


Who needs a rest stop, or even a campground ...


When we get to camp dear, make sure the crane operate gets our
wheels off gentle like.... What you mean crane, I am just going to
drive it off .. Your going to do what???


Oh wow, who needs a hotel when the house just follows you around....


What you mean the paved road ends, who cares ... this is called adventure


The first mobile home?



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