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By:    On: 2010-11-30

1.Hanging clothes up to dry
2.Clamping a bag of food close
3.Secure a clothes pin to a wall and use it to hang notes up or even towels or what ever
4.Use in a craft project
5.Use as small clamps in a craft project
6.Make a rubber band gun
7.Use as pieces for a game
8.Kindling for fire
9.Close a tent when the zipper breaks
10.Fasten cloths closed
11.Clamp pages together to keep them organized
12.Clamp the corners of two tarps together
13.Use to keep clothes, that don't stay on the hanger, on the hanger
14.Clip one to each end of a hanger and use as a homemade skirt / pant hanger
15.Clip mittens, gloves, socks, etc together so you don't lose the pair
16.I put a wooden clothes pin on my softener sheet before throwing it into the dryer - that way when I remove the clothes from the dryer, I can easily locate the dryer sheet
17.Attach paper napkins to your shirt to serve as a bib during messy meals
18.Mark page in a book
19.Emergency hair tie
20.Fully close curtains in a hotel room or rv if they don't quit make it all the way across
21.Grip a nail as you hammer it so you stop smashing your fingers
22.Pinch nose for bad smells (ouch)
23.Paint and decorate and use as ear rings – triple ouch
24.Torment the dog by clipping to their fur

For a laugh here are some photos of crazy uses for these amazing devices

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