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By:    On: 2010-11-23


A little while ago, I wrote a post about meditating For_All_RoadCeos_Who_Are_Spiritually_at_Heart.html , and being able to bring the Sensations of being outdoors back the jungle we call the city. I say the jungle, because there is still the matter of using different sets of survival skills in order to stay alive; people take for granted living in the city by ignoring the constant threats to your well being. Naturally the bigger the city the more risk there is to you. Now this blog is not about surviving in the city (although this may be a good topic to explore), but more in the manner of dealing with stress. As you have noticed with my previous writings, I do not go in the direction that is expected, and I assure you that this will be no different. The subject of dealing with stress has been addressed in many different ways with many different techniques in dealing with such. As I had mentioned, this is not an effort of sharing what you could learn in a stress class, but this is in fact a effort to cause you to perceive your brain in a completely different manner. With this much being said; let us dive right into the heartcenter of what I am talking about.
The pineal gland is an organ in your brain that is positioned exactly due center. This is a “mysteries” organ that has baffled western since for quite sometime, with great suggestion as to its’ purpose and function found in the eastern sciences. It is understood by the west as an organ that produces DMT, which is a natural chemical compound. When injected into volunteer subjects the accounts of these subjects are truly “out of this world”, or to be more accurate, the descriptions are of the primordial phase prior to the manifestations of this “gross material”.  Now to keep everyone in mind, as I write this I am thinking of you folks who are thinking, “What is he talking about “primordial phase prior to manifestations of this “gross material”?  Well let me try to express this in a different manner. In the Jewish teachings there is the Kabala, the first position or sphere is called the Kether; it is thought to be here where YHWH is (Yahweh-is God’s name that is not to be spoken for reverence). The Kether sphere is understood to be form and formless; it is the state of creation before and after the “shaping” occurs, and as depicted with a king sitting at his throne while only being half formed.   There are many religions that understand the concept of energy flow before it is the state of what we identify as “physical reality”. The pineal gland is referred to as a Star Gate, The Seat of the Soul, Seed of Consciousness having the prosperities to experience creation before it is formed as our singular reality. I believe you are getting the direction of this post.
This gland that is located due center of your brain, is very well protected from stress, but the measures in place can be over ridden from very stressful events such as “death”, and other extreme events. It is to be understood that even though very well protected, this gland is not invulnerable to the effects of stress, nor is the entire human body for that matter. The affect of this gland is played out through your entire body with a direct relationship of flow versus congestion. It is the stress that we endure daily as a way of life which causes and reinforces the state of being congested. The congestion that I am referring to is the same that you experience in your chest from having a cold; this congestion is not limited to one area of your body nor is it only from mucus. In the same manner, there is the congestion of the energy that should natural flow as water. From the constant stresses, the feng shui (Water Air) of our bodies is not in a natural state, but more of stagnant water that is murky. See a river in your mind, while looking for the places that the river is not in a consistent flow. The stagnant water brings breeding of other conditions that result in the congestions and/or blockages of your life experience.
So now that I have laid the ground work for you so that we could be “like minded” coming up to this point, let us keep going so that we can view the “sculpture” together. In the Word it is written,”That the body is the temple of God” (1 Corinthians 3: 10-22). As a child I would often see the Jewish Temple as a transparency sheet being laid over the human body. The picture if you will, showed to me that the Heart Chakra is the “Holies of the Temple”; with recent understanding as to the “Holies of Holies of the Temple” is your subconscious. What exactly is your subconscious is a question that could be thought about into the late hours of the night (something that I would encourage).   The subconscious I will describe, as the observer and listener of the world within and without of you. It is here in your mind with “Faith, Love, Psychic; related to the spiritual side of man” that you have communication with “infinite intelligence” as carefully pointed out by Napoleon Hill of the 1930’s A_Moment_of_Peace_to_Think.html.
 It is my thought that the point or hub of this communication is by the means of the Pineal Gland. Do not be overly concerned with the specifics of consciousness or sub consciousness, just give attention to the manner and attitude of your Thought with your associated Feeling that you have for the World around. Have greater awareness to your “Thought/Feeling” (Abraham Hicks), for every thought you have there is an associated Feeling.
For the stress leading to congestion there is the matter of how this happens, while more importantly how to make a difference in you. Well this is how. Open your eyes. Open your eyes to view the world around you, and pay close attention to the sensations that is experienced within you. These sensations can guide you for what is influencing congestion in relation to what is influencing natural flow. This process may be difficult to describe, because it is more of the “experiencing” that provides a guide to yourself.  
At the end of this article I am offering you a link to not only confirm some of what I have shared with you, but also to give you the means to go further for yourself to address your own curiosity. Open a new tab to view
  One more thing, this has been pressing on my mind to also share with you. So here it is, Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich
 “the number of lines which connect each brain cell with another, equals the figure one followed by 15 million zeros….It has been determined that there are from 10 billion to 14 billion nerve cells in the human cerebral cortex, and we know that these are arranged in definite patterns.”   (Pg. 171 Paragraph 3, 4)
                So realize that you are without limits, but are limited because of what you believe.   
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