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By:    On: 2010-11-16


     During the brainstorming of this blog, I was trying to think of a different way to talk about First Aid kits, because in truth it can be a very boring subject for most folks. Well it was Monday night that something happens, and it is here that I will tell you about it. As I do this, keep in mind of your first aid kit as well as the contents inside of it, for the folks who do not have one then I (and the person next to you), strongly recommend you get one. I understand that buying a first aid kit can be difficult and confusing; so it is from this why I wanted to write to you.  

     Now for my experience as of Monday Night, my wife was lying on the bed with our 2 yr old son who has having a hard time lying still. The happy child that he is and with his stubbornness combined, he sits up, then lays back down real fast, and ends up hitting his mother in the face with the back of his head. The pain was so intense; all she could do was hold her face while tears and blood rolled down her cheeks without a single sound from the pain. The pain was so intense, and instant that she could not make a sound! So naturally, I tended to her by having her lay flat on her back, with her head partially elevated. I thought about the contents of my First Aid kit as to what I could use in answering this emergency. My kit also has a small thick book that came with it; from reading it I learned of “Nose Bleeds” that also occur because of a rupture of blood vessels behind the nasal cavity, that a small  “14 to 16 french Foley catheter” is needed to stop the bleeding. In addition, it is recommended to have this device with my first aid kit.


     Therefore, for the Roadceos who have a first aid kit; give it another look even if you just looked at it last night. The reason is simple, what if my wife’s nosebleed was more severe? What help would I have been to her? I am going to follow my own advice by reading the book again, and highlighting every additional item mentioned in the texted. I was able to help my wife this time, and I will be more prepared for if there is a next time.

     Now for the folks who do not have a First Aid Kit, here are some good suggestions to follow that I have learned from my own experience of shopping in several stores, and looking at many kits in making my decision of “Which One?”:

·              Give yourself the option of buying 2 kits. There is not a perfect kit that will cover everything; this is why it is good to keep in mind of buying two kits so that you can put them together. Of the two kits you decide to buy, one may have scissors and the other may have a scalpel; both of these items are important so the need to have both justifies the cost. Therefore, the trick is to have 2 kits that you are to make as one, that will offer the most variety of materials, thus allowing you the most capability to help yourself and others in need.

·              As you are shopping around, keep in mind of where you intent to keep it. First Aid Kits can get very big, so big may not be appropriate to use for Back Packing. The same is to be said for having a tiny first aid kit while keeping it in the trunk of you vehicle.  This may sound ridiculous, but let us remember that “common sense” is not that common. I am just “keeping it real” folks.

·             Another point to remember is do not worry about not having the knowledge that is needed to use a specific kit. First, there should be material that comes with the kit to give you an idea as to how to use it. Some kits are more descriptive then others, so keep this in mind as a consideration when choosing which one to have. In addition, this is your opportunity to learn more, so take it for what it worth and run with it!  There are plenty of resources available to you to gain more knowledge about what you can do to help yourself and others.


Now for the RoadCeos who have First Aid Kits:

·              What is the serviceability of your kit? What I mean is; are the contents in good condition; have you taken inventory, thus are you in need of any items? Do you have the knowledge to use it correctly?

·              Consider getting another kit that will increase your ability in being a “First Responder”, in addition to the fact of you having more material as replacements to the usage of your First Aid kit. Every time I use my kit to help my children or a stranger, I then go to my extras and replace the items used, because with having children I am sure of there being a next time.

·              In retrospect of putting more material in your kit, you are certainly going to come across the need for more space. One this note let me offer two suggestions that will give you more space.      

         My 1st suggestion is replace most of the smaller bulky bandages with a small jar of “New-Skin Liquid Bandage”; a 0.3fl oz bottle has over 50 applications so it can last for a while.   

               New Skin Instead of  Small Bandages         

          My 2nd suggestion would be to replace most of your antiseptic wipes with a “Neosporin Neo To GO!” a 0.26fl oz has over 140 applications, which can also last a while. Now noticed I said to replace most small bandages and antiseptic wipes, but not all. The reason for this is simple, save the good stuff for you and your family; use the other material for the people you meet along the trails and campsites to patch them up. These two items are inexpensive, and the addition will improve your capability with your First Aid kit.    

 Neo To Go First Aid

In summary, make sure to have a First Aid kit that is built well enough to be good for you and others. One of the worst things to experience is you in need of help, a person coming to you with their First Aid kit and them not knowing how to use it, nor not knowing what they have. Put yourself on the receiving end, and make sure you and your Kit are up to “Service” of helping another human being.


One last thing to mention, I will do here what I did with my post,, and that was to give you direction, then for you to decide for yourself as to what is better. With what I am about to suggest here will cover all the points mentioned above. I suggested buying 2 kits and then putting them together as one, and here are the kits that I suggest:

A Great First Aid Kit 

This 1st kit may be pricey, but it contains what other kits do not. I looked at it several times on the account of the price, but for the fact of it containing what no other kit does was enough to convince me to get it.

Ozark First Aid  

This 2nd kit is inexpensive, does give you more capability with plenty of material to serve as replacements. 

Please keep in mind that all products that I suggest with my blogging, I get no compensation from them. I suggest these products on the basis from my own experience of going through the stores, and testing them with real life application. You can call it a “Labor of Love”, all I ask in return is for your comments.


As Always Thank You! Be Safe. 

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