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By:    On: 2010-11-02


I have been writing a book
Which causes me, to take a look
The book is about you the Woman
Which causes me to see me “The Man”
So is it that woman is the wound of The Man?
When a Man gets cut he thinks  
“Ah it will take care of itself”
But the rightness of the wound never really heals
When you are not tended to
So does woman mean, the wound of the man?
Most woman will say “O no not me!”
Then next you will say “How he hurt me!”
I can only stand here to say what all men
Should say with a great mean:
I am sorry for giving you one more sad memory
To write about in your book that is called your story
So to show that I am Real
I will begin to Feel
From my heart will I come to you
So that we will not be apart,
Because I want to be with you
For if woman is my wound
Then “As A Man” I will then attend
With more care for my wound, my woman, to “Be A Real Man”.
So not let us forget about you my Flower
Of my power that you have devoured 
My Cuts runneth deep also
You are not alone
It is in you that makes me whole
So throw away the bone
And give me a home
So that I “2” may stop feeling so alone
As “2” wolves need each other though the night
So I need you for everything, to be “All Right”

I will “Be The Man”, for I have the courage to Feel through my Heart

I will see through the eyes of my Heart
To see what has makes me apart
That makes us apart
Now for me “To Be The Man”
For you are my Woman.
As Always Be Safe. Thank You! ROADCEOs.
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