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By:    On: 2010-11-11

This is an awesome steel leaf type rake. It is pretty light, and folds down to a small size. The rake prongs collapses inward (as in the second photo) and the handle slides into itself. The rake part folds in by lifting a small black leaver that allows it to slide down the pole, making it shorter and at same time bring the prongs together. The handle, shortens simply by twisting the handle to unlock it and then it slides into itself.

The rake itself is pretty cheap. I got this one at a local hardware store for around $20 bucks as I recall.

I find when tent camping or camping under the stars, especially in the desert it is hard to get all the lumpy stuff out with your feet and hands. This is where a rack like this comes in handy. It is also good for creating a natural camp bed out of soft materials like leaves, pine needles and grass. A rake can also be handy if you need to scatter campfire ash (that is of course old and completely out).

The only con I have really found, is I tend to use it more around the house then at camp. LOL

folding camp rake  folding camp rake

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