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By:    On: 2010-11-06

Have you ever thought about what kinds of things you can do to entertain yourself or your kids? In this short post I will talk about a few ideas I know of, but would really like to hear about things you do as games

I love learning and have a large collection of audio books. While driving or just chilling around camp you might see me listening to one book or another. I have both fiction and non-fiction. Along the same lines there are plenty of mobile ways to listen to music, mp3's and even cd's.

Have you ever thought about using a small laptop or one of those portable dvd players to watch movies on the go? Don't forget about handheld video games.

Ok, enough on electronics. There are tons of portable board games, playing cards, dice, etc. You could play with a ball or a Frisbee.

As a kid I loved it when my dad would let us play with the walkie-talkies, it was also cool when dad pulled the metal detector out. Small remote control cars that have enough clearance to run on dirt are great fun too. My mom would be doing some kind craft such as counted cross stitch, plastic canvas, or crochet. My sister normally would settle in a camp chair and read a few books, she is such a book worm.
While in the car, audio books and music are great. For the kids there are tons of games that can be played. I Spy, various license plate games, who can be quit the longest, find a sign that says x, find something that starts with letter “a” then “b” and so on all the way through the alphabet, even singing can be an enjoyable way to pass the time away.

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