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By:    On: 2010-10-28

There are many things to leave at home, that don't belong in the great outdoors. However this list is not so much about actual items as it is individual traits. Wow, if everyone followed this list what adventures we could have.

1.Bad manners – no one wants to be around or deal with people who are rude and obnoxious. Lets try to be pleasant to each other and smile. Simple things like smiling and being nice are contagious and thus spread like wild fire. The more we do it the more it spreads the nicer everyone around us will be. This also includes littering. Did you know most forest fires, not started by lightening are caused by cigarettes being tossed out of car windows? Also do you know how long it takes are trash to decompose? Find out in this post

2.Carelessness – is how people get hurt, fires get started, things get broken, and problems occur. If we are mindful of what we are doing, who is around when we are doing it and how we are doing it so many problems could be avoided.

3.Firewood – leave the firewood at home. Here is the problem and it is not about the campground making money. Wood in say a supermarket or cut by a landscaping friend from around your city and transported some distances to where you camp causes a problem. Often time the firewood contains insects or the eggs of insects that are a threat the environment where you will be camping. For example in many wild areas trees are having to be cut down to control beetles that eat the tree bark, etc leaving the tree susceptible to disease and eventually death. So give a hoot and save the trees.

4.Loud noise – this could be anything from just shouting and making a lot of noise to noise makers like loud radios, fireworks, loud engines, loud tvs, etc. We are not in the campground to hear you and what ever you are doing. Respect your neighbors.

5.Road Rage – we all want to get to our destination, but remember most adventures are about the journey not the destination. Enjoy where you are right now, right here. Talk to people, you will be amazed at what you can learn and who you might meet. There is no reason to eat up 3 gallons of gas to get a whole five-minutes ahead of where you were to then set at a traffic light for three of those minutes you saved. At the same time you are also endangering others on the road by your reckless driving, waving in and out of lanes, etc. On this topic I suggest you read our posts on Sharing the Road ( and about Semi-Trucks (

6.God complex – you are no better or worse then anyone else. We are all created equal. So lets enjoy this great country of ours and See America First (

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