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By:    On: 2010-10-14

Splurging on merchandise or travel is thrilling and sets the endorphins in to full motion. It is truly exciting to buy something new and indulging in its fun whether it be a new gadget, smartphone, game, or anything you desire. The tricky part is realizing how much it costs versus its worth. Speaking of travel, people save up for a long time at the range of time greatly depends on its location, for instance International travel would be considerably more expensive. Between the airfare, hotel, transportation, indulgences of local cuisine and attractions surely puts a dent in the ole' pocketbook.

I observe the tourists everyday at my job, at least three hundred or so per shift so for sure my viewpoint counts. The store sells souvenirs among other merchandise, but mostly its the shot glasses, three-for-ten dollar key-chains or T-shirts, or any other Las Vegas stuff bought mostly for gifts. It amazes me by the degree of items people put in their carts because the cost seems low. No one realizes that those items will eventually add up and the total bill may be large, even at a few dollars it can cause one to have “buyer’s remorse” and ask for voids on items. As a service agent, I respect and comply with their decision and continue my job as normal. Though it occurred to me that it would make an interesting blog post. 

 Usually my days at work are speedy and fun between cashiering and helping customers on the floor, gives me motivation to come back each day. I enjoy chatting with the tourists that range from all over the world, listening to their experiences, sharing a story here and there, helping figure out the American coin system when that soda cost $1.49. The shared experiences I value because I am able to identify with their culture and who they are. I certainly don’t want to be the person who does not embrace it.

What do you value about your job? What elements do you like about working in your field? Now here’s a little math for you. Count the physical hours versus the emotional hours you put in each week. Then factor in your paycheck and the result should tell you how much money is worth spending in your free time. We all want nice things, expensive things, new technology, clothes, jewelry, what ever but with all logical intent do we really spend money outside our limits? Does this give us lasting joy or does it make us feel awkward?

Splurging has it moments filled with joy and glory. Let us be mindful and still reap the rewards of our hard working successes.




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