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By:    On: 2010-10-26


A Moment of Peace to Think

          Being outside is a great feeling, and the further you go away from the city the better you feel. It is great to get away from this artificial jungle we call the city to feel a sense of Peace and Quite. Many outdoor books suggest taking a book with you, especially when you plan to be alone in the wilderness for a few days. Many Roadceos my already have a preference of a book that you take with you, but I would suggest one more. I will also give you the link for the free pdf download for the folks who have computers/laptops with you in the car, truck, and RV.

The book is by Napoleon Hill titled “Think and Grow Rich”. I Love the title because of the truth of “Think” and grow rich. The first publishing of book was in the year of 1937; continues to be in print to this day, so from 1937 it must be a good book! My version of “Think and Grow Rich” is a volume of three books by the same author that also include “The Magic Ladder to Success”, and “The Master-Key to Riches”. The title of the book that contains all three is “Your Magic Power To Be RICH” published by TARCHER PENGUIN of 2005.



Napoleon Hill 3 books in !





To spark a little more interest, the book is not about getting rich as it is more about you being able to do what you want; like staying outside not have to go back on Monday, all in the manner of how you think.

Therefore, as promised, here is two links to get the original version from 1937

One more thing to give is this video of Napoleon Hill speaking of his own experiences:


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