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By:    On: 2010-10-19





                The point of this is to see things for what they really are. For all RoadCeos who have seen the movie “The Golden Compass” you are aware of the truth meter mentioned throughout the movie. So for myself, I have a Golden Compass of my own; it is not a physical element, but an either element. When deciphering the Truth, short sight and hindsight must also be taken into consideration to having insight. So with all this, let’s move on to the point of this posting.

                For the folks who understand numerology, I have come to the understanding that 2012 is an event of much trouble, but of the realm of natural occurrences. What we have seen delivered to us from Nature is expected to increase as we come closer to the popular date of Dec. 21/23 2012. As I stated in (link) that what we are seeing are natural events that we are making a fetish of. Don’t misunderstand me; we are in a state of transformation, and there are things taking place just not in the matter of what we have been made to expect. To explain this further, consider how people will react as earthquakes increase, thunderstorms become more massive and destructive, more unique or strange flash flooding, and people fears increase to a point of controlling their thinking, or the lack there of. Masses of people will begin to misinterpreting what they see. This will give way to false prophets and false proclaimers shouting to us all, “The coming of the Lord!” Considering the thought of this not happening then what, will it will not be, “O just another Y2K thing”? Many will become desensitize for the fact of what was expected, not happening. Everything will go as “business as usual”, and those who admittedly had expectation for 2012 will be called “fools”. 



                     So my position is in the middle saying that preparations is necessary and the sense of urgency is creditable, but do not expect events to unfold in the manner of that which you are being told from the preacher and from Hollywood to include all media. So after saying this you might ask, “Then way listen to me?” this is a fair question. My answer is: I am not attempting to condition you in anyway except for you to “see” your Golden Compass. To guide yourself by your own “Truth Meter”; if your North on your compass is set for Universal Truth, then we will be guided to the same destination. What is Universal Truth? This is a Truth that remains unchanged from your culture, traditional, religious, science, or political views. “She” does not change or blend in to you, but you change and blend in to her, for she is Truth. In knowing if you are “listening to Truth” is really quite simple, are you growing in your understanding of the world around you? Also, as understanding happens what do you experience? As an idea comes to your mind, do your eyes widen? Do you feel “chills”, for something that can be described as a “download”? Is there an ever increasing sense of Love?

                If you have answered “No” to any of these, then it is time for you to “see” yourself. There is enough intellectual spiritualists in this world with understands of the mind, but a lack of understandings from the Heart. 


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