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By:    On: 2010-10-05


2012 blog post
This is a hot topic for most, but what I am about to share should spark some conversation. The “spark” would be a good thing, since we don’t talk too much in conversation now days. Yes we do talk but I mean the conversation that involves the exchanging of ideas; otherwise known as fellowship.
I have always considered myself as a skeptical believer. This means I test everything before I “believe” anything. So here is my thoughts on 2012, I say yes and no. The transition that some (including myself) believe to come is one primarily of our own design. It is my understanding that what is to come is a natural cycle of things, but for many reasons we have drastically accelerated everything to experience events in a premature order of things. In trying to explain this, the Mayan calendar did not end because they disappeared, or they decided to stop after 3,000 yrs. The calendar stop because of the increments used in building the calendar had changed. The increments are at present 18 and 20, and it is about Dec 21 or 23 that this is to change. Let us also not forget that the calendar also has many predictions that came to pass, the most well known is the coming of the conquistadors to Latin America.
                So to better explain this, our sense of time (the watch) is based off of 60sec increments. If we wanted to make a calendar, we could go as far in to the “future” as we wished. What about us having the knowledge telling us when 60sec would change? Then of course this would be leading up to a shift. What shift you might ask? All calendars are based off of the planets, the moon, and/or solar position in the “system of things”. So the shift must be our solar system. A change of our orbital position, in relation to the other planets, is also an alteration in the magnetic fields on a planetary scale. What this means is a change in the seismic stresses. People don’t seem to understand the connection that exists with earthquakes, mines collapsing, tropical storms, and hurricanes. Why are not people looking at the frequency of things changing? They are all related by the alteration of the magnetic fields.
                It has been stated that ERs become busier when there is a full moon. So is it naive to believe that magnetic fields don’t affect you and I? So it is also to think that our economic situation is not connected to planetary magnetic fields, just the same as earthquakes? Why do we think we operate separate from nature, or the Universe for that manner? Why do we think we are not a part of the Circle of Life , that somehow we have made our own universe? That we exist on our own? I assure you that we are not separated from the order of things. I will also tell you that what is already in process is a natural transition in phases that we have accelerated certain effects prematurely because of the blatant disrespect for our Home. There is a reason that no matter what ocean shore you are on, there will be trash waiting for you.
Now for the ones who compare this to being nothing more than a “Y2K” scare, and nothing will happen during the year of 2012. You are also right. I cannot say too much on this point for many reasons, but what I can say is that as society we are conditioned to expect what we see on the “Big Screen”. What we see will not be. To say a little more on the “Y2K” position, this was an artificial event unlike 2012 has connections throughout our entire history to include what is perceived as a warning from the Egyptians. It is not for me to discuss too much here, because it is for you to have the “Eyes to see” what is going on around you.
There are those who of course believe this to be all “Hog Wash!” with a strong argument of there have always been earthquakes, and what makes these earthquakes so special. With our recording ability being recent how can we say what is big or not on a planet that is 4.5 billion yrs old? I would say this is a good argument, if you are not looking at the bigger picture. It is true that recording earthquakes is a recent ability, but this ability has not developed in the last 100 yrs instead it has been around for a 1000s of yrs starting with frogs on a scale in China So to leave this argument closed, and open ended at the same time. As a RoadCEO when you are travelling you do not look for just one kind of sign, but you look at them all. So an earthquake is one sign.
There are also the folks who hold to the Bible (which I do respect) that believe that 2012 is to be the Revelations, the coming of Jesus Christ. Well let me disappoint you with a short Vacation Bible School (VBS) lesson. What I am about to say is not to piss someone off, but to correct a miss-impression. (If this gets a little dry for the rest of you folks just bare with me it will over soon, lol. J) It is well known for the appearance of the “Anti-Christ”, who is supposed to be the “Savior” by having the answers to all of our problems. “He” is also supposed to make a treaty, which in turn breaks the 7yr treaty in 3 and ½ yrs. It is written that when they say “peace in the middle east”, this is a sign of the times to come. They are now talking again of peace in the east, and also let me say that now seems more likely than before because now we have “economic woe”. We did not have this, the first go around of talks in the East. So let us do the math to set the record straight. If a treaty was signed this year, then of course we would need to add 3 and ½ yrs to 2010. This would put us at 2014, give and take a few months, which is past 2012. So there it is, based off of scripture and basic math. Are we seeing the “signs of things to come”, yes. Just not in the way that is expected.
Well RoadCeos I hoped I address most of the arguments of 2012; to go any further would make this a very long post, so let me close on a couple of points. Plan for the worst, and hope for the best; this train a thought will allow you to have “all bases covered” especially when having children. For all the ones who want to say “No”, and for the ones who want to “wait and see”; what is the harm in saying “Yes” versus the potential harm coming from saying “No”? Best case scenario nothing happens and I have learned new “camping skills” to pass on to my children. Worst case scenario, I have given myself and my children a “fighting chance” to survive whatever is to come.
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Thank You! Always Be Safe.
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