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By:    On: 2010-10-04


               There are many methods of starting a fire, and some are more obvious than others are. As I had mentioned in the “Principals of Pitching a Tent” Blog/Video that efficiency is an important consideration when you are going out doors (esp. for “backpackers”). It is in this area of efficiency, for thinking long term that this is important. Anyone can use a lighter or matches to start a fire, but this method does not support the purpose of why you are “out here”. Do not get me wrong, a lighter and matches have their place in your gear for they are fire starters for when you need a fire “right now”. The “right now” moments can be for several reasons; not much day light left resulting from poor planning or the need to move camp, the temperature dropped quickly, you or someone else gets wet, and the reasons go on. So in certain cases a lighter/match do serve an important function, and the point of why you are “out here” is important also. The point is being self-sufficient, to be able to depend on yourself. Therefore, it is with this purpose, to start fires without lighter/matches. The ultimate to this idea would be the “friction fire methods”, but we should keep in mind that these methods take a while to get results, and require a lot of energy.

               For that reason, in my opinion the magnesium method is the most efficient; for it requires the least use of calories, as well as the shortest process by having the fewest steps. Here is the short process; take a knife (or something of the sort) and shave off the block (if possible, it is better to have a pile of these shavings). Now place the kindling on the magnesium shavings, turn the block around and make full length, pressured, even strokes to create the maximum sparks. The magnesium will start quickly, creating a quick short fire that will burn at high temperatures; this is why you have the kindling on the “pile”, it is also necessary to have all your fire fuel within easy reach to keep the fire growing. You may need to do the process the other way around, by placing the kindling first then the shavings, depending on the environment. This may sound difficult, but I assure you it is an easy process. The video (to be posted) here is to demonstrate the ease of starting a fire with the magnesium; there is also a second video clip (to be posted) to give a better view of using the magnesium stick. I hope this post helps you in your pursuit of self-independence, and I praise you in the choice of this pursuit. A pursuit that is important to complete. Completion is only by your own measure, so measure well.



               Also I was browsing my friends on Face Book, and notice a video that I immediately ask for permission to share with all RoadCeos. So here is a short video of another method of starting a fire; quite possible the easiest method yet! The material used in this video is steel wool, and a 9v battery. Earlier I mentioned using different resources to accomplish the task of starting a fire, and this would make an excellent addition to your supplies!


               To give credit where it is due, this comes from!/kim.linsley  . I will bring more videos to our attention, but feel free to open a new tab and see her Face Book page. On that note, go to my Face Book page at , search for Chris Kennedy in Las Vegas and send me a friend invite.



Thank You! Always Be Safe.



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