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By:    On: 2010-09-18

Water Peace


Hello folks, and thank for your support by reading my blog posts! It is my desire for everyone to find interest in this site. Up to this point, my posting have involved Truck Drivers, Car Drivers, (soon to be) Motorcycle Riders, and the Military. Now the overall attraction of this post, is the overall attraction of this site; The Outdoors. So this post is truly for everyone. To take it one step further, this post is for those who are spiritual at Heart. I want to say that most, if not all of us are spiritual at Heart, because being in Nature “connects” us in a way that we fill whole. So it is on this note that I want to write about Meditation.

People have told me through the years that they wanted to “learn how to meditate”. My first response is, why would you want to learn something that you already know? It is only a matter of remembering. So here we go, let us remember what we already know.

So there you are deep in the woods, close to the water, or on the flat desert and you can hear only the wind. The moment of the wind brings to your attention the creatures around you both big, and small. In the moment of the wind, you begin to feel the cycle of life that you’re a part of. With this thought you become relaxed, and feel Relief existing in all of your knowing……

Most if not all of us can continue this story, so continue it. Go back to that place for the story to continue, and breath your own words to Life. Whether you go to that place in your mind, or by travel it is a good place to Be. When you are in your place, have something with you. I have a small Amethyst on a chain that I wear over my Heart Chakra all the time. You could have a ring (that represents something important to you)
on a chain, that you might wear as a necklace. You see where I am going with this so whatever works for you, go for it, it is for you after all.

Have a seat on our Earth, and cross your legs. Have your back straight, and pull your shoulders back just a little. (Do what you need to do for feeling the comfortable; the main thing to keep in mind is keeping your back straight. (This has the same principle  of not having “kinks” in your garden house as you water the plants.) Now connect your hands by your thumb, and index; intertwine the rest of your fingers and allow a little space between your palms. Slow, deep, controlled, evenly place breaths is called for now. Let the moment of this experience do the rest of the work for you. It is time for you to surrender to a force that is greater than you. As you feel surrendered, put your necklace in your hand (right or left, what works better for you?), place your elbow on your knee, and let the chain hang straight down. With being still, let the necklace react to you. (I will not say what can happen, because it is important for you to experience things for yourself. I do want to hear what you experience, so please post it into the comments.)

How wonderful it is to do this, to be able to do this. One of the best experiences of my life is going to the beach, and surrendering to the waves. For that force is greater than I, and the more “I” stood against the waves, was met with an equal force against me. An experience of my own design, it was when I surrendered to by non resistance, that this was equally meet. If a moment can be measured then it must be found in the waves, as you are being lifted, and gently carried by the sequence of the tide. The few thoughts in my mind was, “Like my mother’s womb?”

Now we are back at the home (which is where you place your head to rest.), and you have come back to rejoin the circus of “things to do”. When you were in Nature (this is “somewhere” you are always at, because everything comes from Nature, thus to feel separated is an illusion.) you felt a peace, of relief. You felt complete, whole, self-enpowered (this is not a miss spelled, I did it on purpose. For those who know, ego can be tricky thing and so can language. So to be responsive to both have an understanding of “self-enpowered”. It is not a power of control and domination, instead a gentle influence of greatness of humility (humanity). The principles of the life of Jesus, is the model of “self-enpowerment”. The enpowerment of Christ grew from “inside”, by the realization of TRUTH.

Now you are at home, and how do you continue this? You can do this by what I call “Tea Meditation”. I know there are folks that don’t drink tea for many reasons, and this is ok. It is not the tea that is important, but the experience of something warm and comforting to feel in your throat as you swallow like warm milk, or hot chocolate.

So here it is the “Tea Meditation”: Play some music that reminds you of the “place” we visited earlier, the Feeling is what is important. With the music playing in the background, hum your melodies as you are making tea (this is your own process). Now, go into the room with the melodies, close the curtains, disconnect from the world (cell phones, computers, etc.) Sit in this room as you did when you were Outdoors. Allow the thoughts to come that fit into the melodies of you. Whatever memories come, allow them to surface, and Feel with your Heart. This is You telling You, with a loving caring voice “Here, needs a little attention”. Everyone one has war stories of pain, and stories of Joy! Do not feel embarrassed at all, when we all feel the same. It is important to Live those emotions, to bring closure. Closure, brings strength, strength brings Freedom from “Self-enpowerment”.

So have the Courage to Feel, and this beautiful land we call Home will become even more Beautiful to your eyes because you will have become more Beautiful to mine.

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This link I also want to share with you,  test what you hear. After going to this link, you can easily blend this into your meditations for great results.

To All RoadCeos;
Thank You! Always Be Safe.


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