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By:    On: 2010-09-27

4 differnt kinds of water bottles for hikingThere are many types of water bottles that you can use. In this picture you can see they are different colors, different style lids, and different shapes. Also, you need to take note what kind of plastic they are made out of, as some plastics are more likely to leach harmful chemicals into the water such as reusing bottled water and soda bottles.

When I am looking at water bottles, I also look at the shape of the bottle. Is it comfortable to hold, and will it easily fit where I want to carry it. Out of the many style of lids, in most cases is the simple screw on is best. However from my backpacking days I found I would prefer ones like the white one in center of the picture with the double sealing lid for inside my pack. A wide top makes it easier to mix drinks inside the container, but a smaller top is easier to drink out of.

Another trick I used was using a small pint bottle like, like the grayish one with the green lid in front center of the photo. I would either carry such a bottle in my pants cargo pocket or the inside pocket of my vest for easy access while on the trail.

Make sure after using your bottle you clean it, and let it thoroughly dry before storing it. If you store it wet, you could have all sorts of interesting things grow inside of it. Also, I have had trouble with bottles left open in the garage getting spiders and cockroaches in them.

I would like to hear about what kind of bottles you like, and any tips you have about them.

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