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By:    On: 2010-09-20

How many of you have seen the movie “The Secret”, which popularized “The Law Of Attraction”? What the movie did not do is let people know there were 10 other laws. I have just recently discovered these laws, but already in a short time of studying them, and putting them into action. I have seen vast, and wonderful changes to my life. It is far easier to play the game, get through a bad situation, and lead a happy life when you know what the rules are.

The 11 laws are:

  1. Law of Thinking
  2. Law of Supply
  3. Law of Attraction
  4. Law of Receiving
  5. Law of Increase
  6. Law of Compensation
  7. Law of Non-Resistance
  8. Law of Forgiveness
  9. Law of Sacrifice
  10. Law of Obedience
  11. Law of Success

Think about the laws this way.(The Laws are the order to everything, being in the order of the laws establishes harmony in your life.) they help us know what will happen based on our thoughts, attitude, dreams / desires, and our actions. By knowing this we can control our thoughts, attitude, dreams / desires and actions in order to more easily align with what we are after.

As I do not want to make this post to long, I will not go into details about each of the laws. Instead I am going to recommend that you follow this link, and study one law a day. The results of your efforts can show with in 24 hrs, only encouraging you to keep going.

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