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By:    On: 2010-09-16

Are you tired of going camping and spending a fortune on the campsite? Did you know there are many camping clubs out there such as Passport America that will save you money? With Passport America you will be able to camp at over 1,600 campgrounds for half the normal price. They have campground programs in Canada, Mexico and of course the United States. When you sign up with Passport America you will get a membership card, and a printed directory of all the campgrounds participating in this program by mail. From the time I signed up online, and for me to receive the package in the mail was about a week.

Passport America - Save 50% At over 1550 Campgrounds in the USA, Canada and MexicoPassport America has been around since 1992, and will be around well into the for seeable future. They are constantly adding new campgrounds to the program. 

This is a win for you, because it saves you money. It is a win for the campground because it helps them rent out a space that may have otherwise been left empty. 

It is a really good deal for $44 a year. I encourage you to signup. All you need to do is click on the logo to the left.


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