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By:    On: 2010-09-11

Have you ever stopped to think how many different ways you can use a shoelace?

  1. String
  2. Belt
  3. Water bottle holder
  4. Snare
  5. Ribbon when wrapping a present
  6. Ties objects to your pack
  7. Tie / Secure a splint
  8. Tourniquet
  9. Tie keys / tools / objects to pants / belt so you don't lose them
  10. Replace tie down string for your tent
  11. Tie up bags
  12. Bundle together cables or rope
  13. Emergency Cloth Line
  14. Hair Tie
  15. Make drill bow
  16. Tie rock to the end of the lace and swing around as a survival weapon
  17. Replace string on gadgets
  18. Twist or braid into rope
  19. Use lace fibers as a tinder to start a fire
  20. Lash together some poles to make a gadget such as a tripod for cooking and purifying water
  21. Hang a lantern from a tree
  22. Hang a flashlight inside the tent
  23. Tie bunch together to tie up a tarp for shade or rain protection
  24. Wrap around a hiking stick to create a hand grip
  25. To make a harpoon for fishing
  26. As a necklace for ur valuable (pocket knife, compass, whistle, fire stater , etc.)

Giggling like a kid I ask if one could use a shoe lace to tie kids to a tree (or is it the kids tying parents to the tree) ??? I would like to hear about any other uses you can think of...

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