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By:    On: 2010-09-08
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From 1997-2001, I did my service at Holloman AFB,,  and for the folks that don’t know, it’s 10 miles southwest of Alamogordo, NM. When it came to enjoying the Outdoors, it was only by word of mouth that I learned of White Sands National Monument, and a nearby town called Cloudcroft. Cloudcroft is a wonderful place to visit for the effect of being in the forest, after staring at the flat desert around the base. It took me awhile to learn of these places, because I was new to the base. So this post is in the interest of the “newbies” on our stateside bases, and to all who Love the Outdoors. This is a calling out for all to answer. Our database is growing with more sites to see, and a lot of it comes from Government Listings. Now since we are on this note, all of us know how the government works, which of course means that there may be errors in the listings, after all it is government work, lol.
So my calling is to all Roadceos. 1st, if you see a mistake let us know by going to the (after login) “Update” tab next to the “dashboard”, and fill in the form. It may take a minute but it is worth the time. 2nd, our database is growing weekly, but this is a beautiful country with a lot to offer. It is possible that there is a great “spot” that you know about, which we have not addressed yet, so provide us the verifiable information by going to the “Dashboard” and then clicking on “Add Campground”, attraction or trail. We will add it, instantly for all to know, and share. Calling to all Roadceos, help us give back to our Military of Today in Respect for their Service.
Thank You! Always Be Safe.

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