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By:    On: 2010-09-11

     I want to write a short post, because quite honestly I have spent a lot of time in the stores trying to figure out how to do this. Yes it is true, a few months ago I was not secure in setting up my own tent. I knew I could do it, it was just the comfort of knowing. So here I am again sharing with the rest of you, who may not know how. I have spent hours in the stores gathering supplies, learning how to use them. So let me save you the time, and the money.  So let us get on with it.

      When choosing a site to place your tent, look for an area that is the most level, and the least challenging to the integrity of the tent like; rocks, sticks, plants (esp. thorn bushes), and other creatures.

     What they may not tell you in the stores that it is a good idea to have two tarps for your tent. One tarp that is the same size, or close to the same size for the ground. The other tarp is optional for the inside to give more protection for your other items to include you. I have experienced a tent that was built before my arrival, and it was placed on a thorn bush with the thorns going through the floor of the tent. It was a good thing that I had an extra tarp, because this made the tent comfortable to sleep in.

     After you have found a good location to pitch your tent, take out your first tarp; open, and cover the area of choice. Insert your stakes firmly; level, and with a slight angle into the ground. From this point, take out the body of your tent, and arrange it to where all four corners are line up to the staked corners of the tarp. Now, use another set of stakes to secure the body of your tent. It is important that you have a tarp that is the same, or close to the size of your tent. You do not want to end up putting holes through your tarp.

     Now that you have laid the foundation, take out your poles; connect the sections together so that you have a “virtual” single pole. Gently slide the “pole” through the “envelopes” or “clips” without connecting the ends. Repeat the process for all your poles, than connect the poles to the holders or the “keys” of the tent floor. Start securing the poles with the last one you handled, this begins to erect your tent.

     The last step in the process is to put on the rain fly (the part that goes over the outside of tent) on which is real simple. It is no different than spreading your sheets on your bed. Go ahead, and fasten the fly to the body of your tent, and your done. Welcome to home for the night. Just Like a hotel, but you are the room service.

Thank You! Always Be Safe.


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