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By:    On: 2010-09-03


     Alright folks, this blog comes to you at special request from PrincessLeia in California of She read my last post, and brought to my attention an issue that all of us Drivers deal with almost every shift. Now in truth this issue affects all the Roadceos, but more so the Truckers because driving a truck and trailer is a huge responsibility. I am not here to pick on anyone, but I am here to help us understand each other better. With better understanding we can make the road a safer place; the more we enjoy the road the more we can enjoy our Beautiful Country we call Home.

     So here we are; it’s feeling sleepy at the wheel that unites us all. Yes, the truckers are the focus of this blog, but remember it is not only us who get sleepy at the wheel.

     Now to the rest of the Drivers on the road, and the ones at home trying to enjoy their families, and/or what gives you rest from the road. When I was a student driver I watched my Trainer closely, and I also did my best to help him feel as comfortable as possible, so that he could get a better rest. We all know what the books say about trucking, and we know the reality of trying to sleep in a bed when the roads are rough, and so is your sleep. Let me also add for those Team Mate’s ,who’s shifting is not so smooth, how is your partner supposed to rest, and keep you safe when there is hard shifting to deal with, on top of everything else? People do not know what we go through with doing this job, and there sure is hell not enough respect for what we do. So to do my part in making things better, this is why I am writing to all Roadceos. Let us not forget that, with what I am going to share is for everyone, to make the road a safer place. We all have to do our small part, for the bigger picture.

     Alright Drivers stay away from the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy (I know it taste great, but it is too heavy on the stomach), unless you are done with your shift, then of course have an extra plate on me. Yes you Old Timers, I am going to talk about your coffee. Coffee may work, but there are better things on the market now, then just that. When I was driving I would time myself with how many hours I had left, looking at my 5 hour drink (which is more like a shot). I would hang on till I got to my 5 hour mark, and bottoms up! The great thing about these drinks (and the timing when I would drink it) was when my shift was done I was still able to go sleep (no jitters, no racing thoughts). In the Cab, I would also have another drink like Power Aid, this way I would stay hydrated, and focused. As a student I was also told to get out of the truck every 2 hours or so, and move my legs. It was later that I understood why. It is from sitting long periods of time constrict the blood flow to your head, causing you to feel sleepy. One last thing, be easier on your eyes. Keep your windshield clean; turn down the dash lights, fold your mirrors in just enough to cause you to sit up in your sit when checking your lanes, and just enough to keep the headlights out of your eyes as you sit back in your seat, when driving at night.

     Now for the “four-wheelers” (truckers term for cars), do not tag along with a truck. In truth we are all better off if the four-wheelers would just keep going by, on the open road. The only difference being is at a construction site, give us the room. We have radios (cbs), and we talk. When we have blocked the lanes, it is because four-wheelers as a “whole” are not playing nice. We are all on 1 road together; there is only one road so share. The people who do not share, are the ones that end up on the side of the road upside down (I’ve seen it).

     So let us bring this post to a close, Drivers eat light when you’re on duty (Subway, or the hot foods counter at the Flying Jays), try the 5 hour drinks with power aide (or something similar) to stay hydrated, get out of the cab every 2 hours or so (this is a “rule of thumb, I know some runs that this is simply not an option), and last but not least ease up on the strain on your eyes.

     Drivers this is not meant to be another “Safety” lecture (God knows there are enough of those), but more to the point we are all Roadceos. Ceos don’t make reactive decisions, but think before doing any action. So lets us think as Ceos on the Road, thus RoadCeos.

Thank You! Always Be Safe.


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