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By:    On: 2010-09-23

I am divorcing myself and the wars I battle daily. My life is out of sorts, leaving me scattered, unaccomplished, undignified. I don't like who I've become. The city I live in sucked me into loving it twelve years ago and persists to keep me here every chance it gets resulting in bitterness and resentment. See that unemployment stats lately of 15% or 16%? Wonder why people share my resentment, that is why. Opportunities bring change to a static, unfulfilled lifestyle, but in an instant it is withdrawn as quick as it was proposed. These are the savages who think I am a puppet and can control every inch of me. My emotions are from people that regard themselves as better than me, and really they are no better than anyone else. Planting seeds in my mind and ambition in my soul to rise above and feel good about the future.

Future? What future? Am I cut off from all that is pure and honest? Indubitably! Once a person has reached their limit, as I have, finding all elements of your life to be nothing you ever wanted to feel, imagine, and disappointment enrages your very core, leave it! Leave it all and do whatever you have to to keep yourself moving, cherish the gifts and abilities in making yourself be great! Why is it that my dreams are too far out of reach? Realize some people will be against you, if they have something to gain, and the ones who love and support you may find fault in a rash decision. Remind them that all you need to make this work is desire, support, passion, ability, money and execution. Why am I the one here trying to recognize that I am not a fallen tree laid there to die? Daunting as that may be only one item listed is slightly out of reach for any of us, that being money. All the other items come from emotion. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the willpower which leads to results. I am the product of my being as well, the blame is not solely on others. Self-indulgence gratifying only to a short end when people get involved in my mission, perseverance skips a track and moves to self-doubt and failure. These points I am referring to comes back to lack of energy, lack of trying, tired of failing, not about possessions but about the glory of making differences in who I am and what career pursued.

Slash the negativity and wash away all self-doubt, there are many obstacles in life but I must collect all the positive energy I have bottled up and release it. So, I say I am divorcing myself from the anguish and tension I get from my job that leaves me bitter as I come home. For the life I want too far out of reach to obtain. Challenges are continuously put out there for anyone to grab onto, it is how we combat those challenges that causes redirection and reflection. Responsibilities have a vast affect on one's psyche making hard decisions like moving, trying new opportunities, stepping out of your comfort zone can vastly change your own motives for what you need. Illustrate your passions and find sources to commit to accomplishing that.

I am a writer. You are a scout, a outdoors-man, a CEO stuck in an office sixty hours a week with no fulfillment or fun. The power is within you to bring about change in your professional life, home life, and who you want people to remember you by. We all have passions and desires and the sadness and disappoint will no longer define me. Reaffirm these words by reaching deep into your soul and taking a big bite out of humble pie. Smile when you are in need of happiness, feel and embrace the your inner strength and hobbies.“ Smile when your heart is breaking. Smile when you aching. Smile and people will follow you.” (Smile Charlie Chaplin song) Shed the tears, the retched terror of moving on, let your personality shine, take a step to know this breakup is not caused by you but combated by you to regain your dignity and purpose.

I divorce myself for the ability to become wholesome.


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