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By:    On: 2010-09-18

 Summer is among us and true as it is my body has not changed in its formation for this bathing suit season or any other. But I am changing. This commitment in fact will change the course of my life to extend beyond my current limits!

I pledge allegiance to me, my body, my mind, and with full devotion to myself. My health is important to me and with that there are many physical challenges. This new kick I am on will re-evaluate my spirit and relationship with food, exercise and will. A new day will come with victory, sweat, and tears. I choose to never feel powerless anymore.

This challenge will be a rigorous one with plenty of complaining, desire to quit, and fighting to the death to make excuses to get out of it. As I start this ten-week personal challenge I invite, readers to view the video and support me. If you are bold enough to participate then download the .pdf file of the requirements and then blog about it in RoadCEO Fun and Fit section available to members only. Members will pay a nominal fee to show commitment and other member related services will be available outside of this section ad well.

  • Try new things
  • Challenge own physical limits
  • Tone muscles and build strength

  • Cleanse my mind from daily objectives, worries, life

  • Elevate my spirit by accomplishments

  • Every day something new.

  • Set limits and achieve it day by day. Increase limits week to week.

Day to day as humans, we are susceptible to greed, temptation, and excuses. Why do we contaminate our lives with such negativity? Stop fighting against things you cannot control. Learn to survive without negativity and pessimism, and find your inner power to achieve your goals. Actually fight for what you want without restriction. When you are in a conditioning program, mind is just as important as the physical struggles you'll face. Shed old habits, form a team of fitness enthusiasts and be the owner of your new life! Defeat is deleted from your personal dictionaries and will be replaced with victory.

Join some groups to help you along with your mission. Mind if I suggest a few? Action equals results. Life Transformation will lead to the things changing and looking up.

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