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By:    On: 2010-08-13


Written by Tara Phillips Do you have a poetic mind? 

Happy Trails

Happy trails on your way to new.

Finding friends where ever you go.

Appreciating the world at large.

Bonding with nature without restriction.

Preserve the earth, and do not alter it.

Don't risk a human or animal life.

Exhilarating moments in the unforeseen situations.

Changing a life by the sight of the world.

Reaching limits that require physical activity at high elevations.

Recognizing G-D's creations and reveling in its mystic.

Visiting the world's historic places for culture, sightseeing, and cuisine.

Meeting interesting people along the way to sharing stories.

Photographs paint a nice outlook for return travelers.

Capturing only a fraction of the real experience.

This is not a dream but a purpose, a purpose to be me.



Abandoning my sheltered life, for unbelievable travels.
Clean slate from anything I've ever known.
Taking five steps forward, before I can execute a thought-out plan.
Recruiting my circle of friends, investing in professional training.
For what I seek out is no small task, requires mindful thinking.

Mentored by a team of true outdoor enthusiasts with few open spots.
Leadership, trust, communication, safety and self-esteem rate essential.
Proper gear can break down my funds, without it's no fun.
Belief in myself, I can achieve, investments fall at my knees.

Risking life in high-adventure, feeling exhilarated and challenged.
Grasping the dynamics of physical and mental strengths.
Treacherous terrain and bad weather conditions my first time out.
To establish a learning curve for my goal and successes in,
backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering, rafting, and rappelling.

Onset of adventures could have told me to think twice.
Loneliness and solitude too much for man to bare.
When love and marriage is all that is missing.
Experience of one's true blissful nature on a snowy mountaintop,
looking out at the horizon relishing its majestic beauty.

Seeking out team opportunities with progressive go-green entities.
For gainful employment in Outfitting staff, outdoor educators, trek leaders,
trip leaders, or wilderness specialists.

Any of these would field my thirst for the energy fueling through me.
Am I just a woman with incredible goals, or a man with incredible talents?
Or am I just a true enthusiast myself.

The scope of possibilities I find endless.
Without caution my life will be completely taken over.



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