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By:    On: 2010-08-19

Recently I checked the movie “Rudy” out of the library. It is an awesome movie. Yes it is about football and following your dreams. However it is just as much about having a passion, a unwavering desire to have something, to make something come true. It was Rudy's dedication and passion that made his dreams come true. It his soul, determination, and spirit that made him a lot of friends along the way.

What would have happened if he listened to all those around him? All those people including his dad and brother who kept telling him you will never do it. They even rattled off a list of reasons why he would never make his dreams come true.

Dreams do come true if you want them bad enough and you work you rear off to make them happen. There is always a way if your will is strong enough! What dreams have you let go of, but never lost the desire to make happen? Why did you let go, because others don't believe you will ever be able to make them come true? What is more important what they think or what you think?

With out his passion, dedication, determination, spirit, and friends – Rudy's dreams would have never come true. What are you doing to realise yours?

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