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By:    On: 2010-08-14

There has been so much talk on this topic I even hesitate to blog about. Yet I feel compelled to do so, as it is a topic near and dear to me. I take everything the news, the experts, even the left and right wings says with a grain of salt. I am one of those that believes the truth can always be found in the middle. So here is my take on global warming...

Global Warming is nothing more then a natural cycle that has been made worse by the influences of man. There is no doubt that man has had an impact on the planet from adding carbon monoxide to the atmosphere to removing trees that clean the air. Yet at the same time we know that the sun itself has phases and right now its in a really active stage with more then normal solar flares.

Now when you mix the hotter cycle of mother nature and the influences we are having on the planet, what do you get? What the news media have dubbed global warming.

Don't believe me take a look back in time. A few years ago I was watching a PBS show and they were talking about a European colonization of the swamps before Columbus and pilgrims. The researchers were trying to figure out why the colony did not survive when the Pilgrims did. By looking at the record held in tree rings they discovered that there was a major drought and other global warming like conditions. For more details

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