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By:    On: 2010-08-10

Here is a great quote when it comes to success & money. “Success is not about making money... making money is a result of success.” Take a moment to think about this. I like to say money is a means to the goal, but not the goal itself. There are other ways to make something happen, it just might be that money is the easiest or most logical way to make it happen.

Lets say for a moment you didn't have money, couldn't you reach your goal another way. Maybe the goal was to go some where, well you could walk or hitch hike – neither takes money. Maybe it is to obtain something, well couldn't you trade something you already have or a service you could provide in exchange for it?

Most people who win the lottery, lose there winnings. Why? Simply they do not know how to manage what they have, nor do they understand the cycle of money. In most cases I do not believe that more money coming in is the solution, as then they would just want bigger and better things. Instead they need to learn to balance needs and wants with the income they have.

There is another good quote that goes something like... Rich people are rich because they are better at saving what they have. This does not mean living a frugal penny pinching life style. Rather it means making smart decisions along the way on how you invest your money to make money for you. Yet at the same time it is also about making decisions, do you really need that newest and greats widget today? What the rich do great is have assets (anything that generates money for you) that pay for their toys and limit their liabilities (anything that takes money out of your pocket). Yes, I am paraphrasing from Rich Dad Poor Dad...

To me success is not about money, but rather freedom. Another way to look at it is from the movie Richie Rich. To be the richest kid in the world all you need is friends. What will your friends say about you come judgment day?

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