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By:    On: 2010-08-05

A while back my sister and I were on our way for a week long camping trip in the Mammoth Lakes area. About 1.5 to 2 hours after we left the house we were trying to pass some slower traffic, but did not pick up enough speed. There was a on coming truck. My sister, who was driving, panicked and went to the dirt shoulder at highway speeds. She lost control of her small pickup, which was fishtailing. We ended up rolling over several times. Neither of us were hurt, luckily. Once out of the truck I tried using my cell phone to call for help, but had no signal. Thankfully several other motorist stopped who were with another carrier. They called 911 for us. It took about 25 minutes for emergency personnel to arrive on scene and around an hour for the tow truck to get to us.

The point of this story is you never know what will happen, or where it will happen... but you can always plan for the worst. All you need is a cheap prepaid cell that uses a different carrier then your own. I have been on trips with my friend who is on a different carrier them me and we flip flop. I usually have more bars in more places then she does, but not always. There has been times when she has had a signal in back woods no where and I haven't.

What is your experience with cell phones? Have you ever needed it and not had a signal? What did you do?

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