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By:    On: 2010-08-03

In the movie Tooth Fairy the main character learned the power of dreams and “what if”. I am a dreamer and I go around believing in the “what if”. The problem is unlike the movies in real life they only happen if you take action. My problem is I am like a roller coaster. Some days getting alot done and other times nothing at all. It is real struggle to take action day after day, month after month with out help of those around you.

I have been blessed over many years with friends helping me. Even though I also had some spectacular falls, they stayed by me.

Right now I feel like I have fallen into a large black hole, as if closed in on all sides. I am stuck on the bottom and there is no rope or anything else that can reach me to help me get back up. I try climbing up the sides, make it part way up just to slip and slide all the way back down. Even though they can't reach me, I know exactly which friends are at the top cheering me on, and which are not. I can see there faces and hear there words.

I have noticed over the last few years a downward trend, with more of those who help me, following through less. I am sure part of this has to do with the decline in the economy and increased household stress. The problem is your word is your word. You said you would do it and then didn't. This is false hope. False hope can also occur when you are sure something will happen such as bring on a new client but at the last minute they pull out. Our your boss says you will get a pay raise and then for some reason you don't get it. Over time these false hopes build up and cause your self esteem and moral to plummet.

Do you ever wonder why the company you are working for is not doing so well? Could it be because you and or your co-workers are not putting in the dedication and passion needed to get things done. One of the biggest expenses of any company is labor, the better the employees perform, better the company does, the better the companies does the better the nation does. Did you know something like 80% of all federal taxes comes from 1% of the people.

So why are you making up excuses to just float by? Could this also be why those around you, who you said you would help, but never got around to truly helping are in such desperate circumstances now? What about your family and friends? Did you ever stop to think what you could accomplish for them if you spent even a few hours a week doing the things you said you would do? Or do you just make excuses?

Have you ever thought about what an excuses really is? An excuse is just something you tell yourself, almost like a lie, to not do something or delay getting something done. If action equal results, then what actions are you taking now to help yourself and those around you?

Why do you think some people make great things happen and others don't? Could it be they did it by not making excuses but rather by taking a few steps daily to create their dreams. Nothing will be handed to you. if you want it, you have to make it happen through your own actions and the decisions you make along the way.

For me I have had about all I can take. I am so tired of being told we will do this or that and yet months latter still nothing is done. I trust their word and move on knowing that task will get done. When it does not get done it is like I am being thrown into a solid wall by a Ninja hiding in the shadows. What a let down.

Never put off what you can do today, as the old saying says, tomorrow never comes. Another good saying is “Yesterday is in the past, tomorrow has yet to come and today is a gift that is why its called the present.”

As Admiral Halsey once said “There are no great men there are only great challenges which ordinary men, out of necessity, are forced by circumstance to meet”. Of course he was referring to war, but I think the words ring true in business and life too. If we step up to meet the great circumstances before us, regardless of what they are, what would happen? Could we make the world a slightly better place?

One person can make all the differences. For example in Baseball there was this player named Jackie Robinson. He was black and was brought on more as a stunt then anything else. He put his heart and soul into the game, he became one of the best players there ever was. Did you know he did this while fans would call him names, throw objects at his head from the stands and other players would purposely slide into him with their cleats and cut his leg open. Yet he some how managed to keep his cool. After years the other players warmed up to him because of his skills as a ball player and eventually so did the fans. In the end he opened up the game to colored players and was a major part of getting the Dodgers into the World Series.

It is almost like we as a people have forgotten that life is a circle. It starts when we are born and ends when we die. But the actions we take in-between decide where we end up. What we say and dream doesn't move us forward, only what we do generates progress.

I am no great man, but I am trying to do great things. The problem is as a result of years of let downs, empty promises, and false hopes my internal flame is struggling to stay lite. I am now fighting an internal war to rekindle that flame with in me.

What I do know is I can not pay bills with the $2 I have left in my wallet. I am tired of being promised something and getting nothing. I am tired of being told a time line to have the truth be ten times farther away. I am tired of scrounging and begging just to stay afloat. I am tired of the only advice others can give me is get a job. Well gee if I could find a job, don't you think I would have one.

No matter what I do its not good enough. My parents look at me as the lost little boy that does not know whats best for himself. My friends have lost faith in my abilities because of all my failures. I guess you could say I live a skewed life and as a result others have a skewed perception of me. I tend to hide my capabilities, successes and failures. I think I do this because I feel it makes feel more normal... but normal I am not.

I am tired of living life one day at a time wondering when I will be hauled off to jail for back taxes I can't pay, or when my car will be repossessed because of back debts I can't afford to pay.

My dream is to pack up my car and hit the open road, to live a nomadic life, at least for a while. I don't care if this means sleeping out of my car and a tent, so long as I am on the road and can pay my bills. Everything I am doing and dreaming is to make that happen.

What are your dreams?

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