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By:    On: 2014-05-13

The two half-hitches is a type of knot, specifically a binding knot or hitch knot. It consists of an overhand knot tied around a post, followed by a half-hitch. It consists of a half-turn around a post followed by a clove hitch of the running end around the standing part. This knot is also referred to as a clove hitch over itself.

Once you have tied two half hitches into your rope you will find that the knot will not collapse or come undone so easily. This hitch also forms the basis upon which knitting is done on needles.


How to tie:

  1. Pass the end of your rope around a post.
  2. Bring the end under the standing part of the rope.
  3. Bring the end up and pass it through the eye of the loop you just formed.
  4. Pull it tight to complete a half hitch.
  5. Take the end of the rope under the standing part(again).
  6. Tie another half hitch.
  7. Pull it tight.
  8. Finished.


  • This knot can be seen on boats when the sails have been furled and lashed.
  • This knot is useful for moving large objects like logs.
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