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By:    On: 2013-08-17

Here are some tips for sleeping outdoors, they may help you enjoy your camping experience even more. After all, lack of sleep can ruin your camping experience.

  • One big factor for a good nights sleep is the choice of sleeping bag. Inexpensive sleeping bags are fine and usable for summer camping, just make sure they are rated more then warm enough for where your going. I can tell you from experience a cheap bag rated to 30 degrees will not keep you comfy at 30 degrees. It may be helpful to bring along extra blankets, also I use a nylon sleeping bag, so I like to use a flat sheet inside of it. The sheet reduces the cold feeling when you first climb in to it.
  • A big factor to consider when choosing a sleeping bag, is what its made out of. The cheap fabric slumber part bags, may be fine for summer camping in a warm climate but are of little use past that. There are many different types of insulation used, from synthetic to duck down. Which one is best for you depends on a number of factors including budget, what you will be using it for, and what time of year will be using it.
  • Lying on a sleeping bag placed on the hard ground is not very comfy and will do nothing to keep you warm. The thin blue backpacking type pads, are meant more to insulate you from the ground to help regulate temperature, they will not make the ground really any softer. An air mattress can be a good choose, but they can be a pain to blow up, and when your down fold back up and store. They also tend to get punctured pretty easily. Another option would be a sturdy cot, but they can be expensive and some may feel like you need an engineering degree to setup. The choose really comes down to budget, personal preference, and if you have any medical issue that need to be considered such as a bad back.
  • Camping environments are filled with many allergens. Make sure you have your medications, and other necessities to deal with it.
  • Keep your tent closed as much as possible, trying to sleep when insects that are buzzing around you is not fun or restful.
  • Bring a small batter fan, if you want, it can help circulate the air in a tent making it feel cooler and less stuffy.
  • Properly dispose of food while camping.
  • Bring a pillow. Other options include a stuff stack full of clothes, using a jacket, air inflated pillows, and extra towels or blankets.
  • Use sunblock and insect repellent to stay healthy. Sunburn relief medication is another necessity.
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time. The rising sun, changing temperature, and morning nature sounds may awake you.

Be prepared for whatever comes along, or you may just find yourself looking forward to getting back home for a good nights sleep. Can't afford to buy the gear? Why not rent it from OutdoorsGeek?

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