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By:    On: 2013-07-06

There are many camping tips and tricks, here are a few. Using these tips will make camping easier.

  • It is a hassle for everyone to bring clothes hangers while camping. Instead use wooden cloths pins to hang clothes off a rope.
  • Food is stored in an ice chest, but its annoying to keep adding more and more ice. Instead make your own ice at home, not only is it cheaper it often will last longer then store bought ice. For example, you can make ice by freezing water bottles, later once they thaw you also have clean drinking water. You could also freeze water in one-gallon juice jugs. The bigger the ice chunk the longer it will last.
  • Have you ever tripped over your tents guide lines at night? To avoid this attach a piece of foil which will reflect making it easier for you to see.
  • When setting up a fire pit, prepare a flat stone for storage of cooked food or hot coffee. It can keep the food hot for a long time.
  • Why not cook over the fire using a campfire grill? They are a great way to grill meat and vegies over the fire. Even better the food takes on the smoke flavor.
  • Once you are at the camping site, you may be swarmed by mosquitos and different flies. It is possible to use toothpaste for mosquito bites. It can relief the itch and pain.

Really cool camping tips and tricks, right? Try these, they may help you. Tell us about it on facebook.

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