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By:    On: 2013-07-13

There are many different camping tips but they are not a definite thing. They can be broadened over time and the situation, depending on who will be camping. Camping tips can save and lighten your life. Always use your best judgement.

  • First and foremost, make a checklist of everything that will be needed for the camping trip.
  • Make sure, is suitable for the climate you will be camping in.
  • Bring an organizer for the utensils your using.
  • Bring plenty of fresh water to drink, cleanup with, etc for everyone in the group.
  • Use easy prepared food to save time and effort.
  • Always bring a basic first aid kit. Keep the contents organized. Re-supply as needed and keep available at all times.
  • Do not ever get close to wild animals. They usually appear cute and safe but they are defensive and protective. Always be aware of the environment. The wildlife is more afraid of us and will normally run away. Do not try to feed the wildlife. Keep your food safe, so that wild animals do not get into it. Do not store food in your tent.
  • Always take a compass and trail map with you. Be aware of the weather.
  • Monitor your children. Tell them to remain within your sight and don’t let them run around like wild Indians as they may get hurt, or lost. Hand them a whistle to be used in case of emergency, but not play with it … think of the boy who cried wolf.
  • Do not play around water without supervision. Everyone should know how to swim.

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