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By:    On: 2013-09-01

Livin Lite and Jumping Jack makes it possible for the families to have a great camping experience and good quality time. How? By manufacturing an ultralight tent trailer, that means you could bring many comforts of home without the weight.

Livin Lite designed Quicksilver 6.0 in response to the need for an even lighter, effortless towed tent trailer that can be towed by the smallest of cars and even some larger motorcycles. Unlike other camping tent in the market, that only two people can sleep in fetal position, this camper is large enough for four people to sleep comfortably.

An optional aluminium rear storage deck offers an outstanding spot for coolers, firewood, or other camping necessities. No need to worry about your tent getting rotten and rusty. The frame, floor, walls, roof and even the cabinets are all made from aluminium.

While Jumping Jack Trailers are manufactured by Jumping Jack, which will take all your gear to the site. It also gives a large, comfortable living space while savouring the fantastic outdoors. It is a versatile tent trailer. When you go hunting, fishing, riding the trails or just out for an adventure, this tough little trailer will alter the way you break free.

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