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By:    On: 2013-08-24

During the 1900’s, leisure time was spent at picnics, family gatherings, baseball and a long Sunday drive with the new family car, horseback riding or carriages. Families get together around the piano for a sing-along at night. That’s why sheet music sold over a million copies during those times.

Music had a great participation and influenced every occasion creating a whole new outside world. Radios transported music to the country throughout the decade and many Americans paid attention to recordings of opera stars. Broadway musicals were making money and the waltz was replaced with ballroom dancing.

When automobiles were invented, sheet music made cars as their cover. Here is the list of songs that were created during 1900’s:

1900’s The Swagger Two Step – it did not contain any lyrics but to make the tune to signify class and wealth, the illustrator made the cover a couple wearing sumptuous clothes with the girl sitting in front of the car beside the guy on the driver’s seat.

1900’s Up Broadway – it’s another song that did not contain any lyrics. The cover was a prolific dressed couple sharing the spot light with a car and trolley at the background. The car appeared more noticeable than trolley maybe just to illustrate that the song was more contemporary.

1905’s In Merry Oldsmobile –fashionable cars like the curved-dash Oldsmobile which became really popular during that time is what this song is all about. It reflected the car’s model in particular.

1906’s The Auto Man ­– this song contains lyrics. It demonstrated the thought that owning an automobile is glamorous and will make you stand out.

1912’s Bump, Bump, Bump in Your Automobile - sheet music covers made the belief that owning a car made owners fascinating but owning a car means a lot of work too. The roads back the early days were a big problem especially the country roads. The roads are not designed to handle a car.

1912’s Come Take a Trip in My Automobile – this song described how having a car gives the privilege to make a private courtship for couples. During 1900’s people were given new ideas about gender and human sexualities. Men used songs like this and cars to create an intimate relationship or a new way to date women.

1913’s Get Out and Get Under – this song reflects the costs of having a car. Once you own a car, you need to get ready for mechanical breakdowns and maintenance.

1921’s The Scandal of Little Lizzie Ford, 1925’s In My Flivver Just for Two and 1928’s Henry’s Made a Lady out of Lizzie – are songs popularized by the Ford Automobile Company reflecting their famous automobile models like Tin Lizzie and Flivver.

1926’s Up and Down the Eight Mile Road – because of Sigmund Freud’s new ideas of human sexuality, people at the adolescent stage developed the new idea of socialization and how owning a car can help them in courting a girl. However, as part of the American culture, men still respected the importance of woman’s purity.

Do you have any favourite songs from this era? What do you listen to on the road? Tell us about it on facebook.

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