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By:    On: 2013-07-27

It’s fair to state that camping trips are very prevalent nowadays. Today, technology is a progressively influential part of our lives, if you have a smart phone, like android and iPhone, then these cool apps may be helpful.

Commander Compass (iPhone)
A compass is among those most common tool to take out with you when exploring the outdoors, and with Commander Compass you can leave that bulky compass behind.

While the native Compass app might be enough to show you where north is, Commander Compass provides a lot of features such as extreme preciseness with milspec and gyro utilization, as well as allowing you to track your position and find out distances and elevations to your goal.

ViewRanger Outdoors (android and iPhone)
Even if you believe you recognize the place, to go out into the wilderness without a map is foolish. It used to be the case that you would bring a map and have to unfold it every time you wanted to check your location, and through some ingenious patented design, you could never fold it back up the same way you unfolded it.

You can forget about finding yourself on the map, based on your surroundings, if you have ViewRanger. Instead utilizing GPS to locate your spot precisely. There are a lot of advantages over using a paper map. For instance, not only can this app locate you exactly with GPS, but you can store maps offline in case of loss of signal, and the maps are far more useful for trekking, as it includes contour lines. Perhaps one of its greatest features is the ability to load trails done by others, so you can find out before you go if there’s a specific route you should take

Trip Journal (android and iPhone)
If you want to share and document your camping trip with your friends, then Trip Journal is for you. You can record the trip with GPS route tracking and have your videos and photos automatically plotted onto the map of your trip. You can also write down any notes you want to remember about the places you’ve visited, either by commenting on the photos or videos or by writing in the journal. You can easily share on social networks, allowing all your friends to see what you saw.

The Weather Channel (android and iPhone)
Going camping or anywhere outdoors, the most significant things to check is the weather. In a matter of hours, hot and sunny days can turn into cold and rainy, you’re in serious danger if you’re not prepared.

You’ll find yourself needing more than what is pre-installed on your phone. With weather maps, great hourly details, humidity readings and a lot of features, you’ll have a much better idea of what you’ll likely be facing on your trip.

Join us on facebook and tell us about the phone apps that you like. We would also like to hear any success or failure stories. Maybe an app got you out of a mess, or maybe the app turned out to be useless in the backcountry, or your phone failed.

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