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By:    On: 2013-06-29

Nobody wants to have an accident during a road trip, but it is always possible and smart to take precautionary measures before it happens. Gathering emergency supplies before going isn't very fun but it's quick to do. Besides, it is for the whole family’s safety. If an unfortunate event happens, having a contingency plan will help you handle the stress and think clearly.

The top 15 things to bring on a road trip are: 

  1. Maps or GPS. In case you get lost or stranded a map or gps will help you find your way or find help.
  2. Car Repair Guide. If you happen to misplace the original car manual, buy a new one from the nearest bookstore. This will help in troubleshooting and fixing mechanical break down.
  3. Money or Credit Card. Of course, having money in your pocket makes sense to pay for assistance, buy new car parts, buy food, and pay for a motel if the repairs need to be done overnight.
  4. Spare Tire. Having a flat tire is never fun but it can be a nightmare if you don't have a spare. Make sure you check your tires including the spare for proper air and condition before leaving.
  5. Jack. You cannot change the tire without a jack, make sure you have one and know how to use it. Don't rely on roadside service as there may be no cell signal, and no emergency phone boxes.
  6. Tools. To be able to do repairs, carry a small toolbox with you containing screwdrivers, duct tape, and wrenches.
  7. Flashlight. Will help you see what your doing at night, signal for help, do night repairs, start a fire, etc.
  8. Water. Bring enough water to sustain the whole family for 24 hours. Bring some extra for the radiator.
  9. Cell Phone and Charger. This will come in handy if you need to contact some people and ask for help. However, you must refrain from using it while driving.
  10. First Aid Kit.  Not just for emergencies, also good place to keep medicine for headaches, stomach aches, etc. Make sure you replace anything that has expired.
  11. Food. You will never know when, where or how long you will experience an emergency so bring enough food to sustain the family. Bring the nonperishable ones.
  12. Batteries. Bring extra batteries for you flashlight or cellphone.
  13. Gloves. Gloves can keep you warm during a cold weather and also, you can use it to keep your hands clean when doing repairs.
  14. Oil. Bring a quart of motor oil in case you need to top up. Be sure you bring the same kind and weight of oil you have in your vehicle.
  15. Weatherproof Outerwear. Make sure you have your jacket and rain gear

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