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By:    On: 2013-08-05

Where will your next adventure take you? If you've got the adventurous side in you, then explore and unleash your wild side. World famous inventor Thomas Edison once said that he always wanted to live out in the woods and live close to nature like every man does. It’s in our blood and it’s his feeble protest against civilization.

Between year 1915 and 1924, Edison together with his friends Henry Ford, manufacturer of the famous Ford Automobiles and Harvey Firestone, founder of Firestone tire and Rubber Company took a series of camping trips. These three legendary icons were business associates then turned their partnership into a great bond of friendship and called themselves the “Vagabonds”. John Burroughs, an American naturalist, was an original member but he died earlier in 1921.

Edison navigated their expedition and aimed to get to the wildest parts of the Cumberland Mountains. There were a number of firsts that recognized the 1921 journey from other tours the Vagabonds had taken from the time when they started camping together since 1915 because it was the first time the president of the United States, President Warren Harding joined them and the first time their wives camped with them. It was also the first time their friend Burroughs wasn’t with them.

It was mid-morning in summer 1921 when the Vagabonds left Licking Creek, their camping area and approached to the west on U.S. Route 40 to Funkstown to meet up with Harding. A big crowd of people gathered along the curbside in Hagerstown to watch the long convoy of automobiles roar as they returned to the campsite.

Harding and Edison took a nap in his tent after lunch, who were sleeping on the ground under an elm tree while Ford and Firestone performed a wood-chopping competition for the benefit of the press and viewers. Harding managed to get rest from his long nap despite of the noise outside of his tent and rushed to the woods to chop more woods. They went riding on horses afterwards that Firestone shipped.

The Vagabonds encouraged the enjoyment and ideals of the great outdoors to the public. It has made a new concept that camping in the outdoors is fun.

Camping is a great way to escape the urban life and to get away for a new recreation. More and more people learned how to spend their leisure time looking for Vagabonds’ kinds of escapades which brought the idea of building more public parks and forests.

If you want to see a sneak peek of some Vagabonds’ adventures, just watch this video.

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