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By:    On: 2013-08-19

I am not lost, I am just bewildered. Ask for directions? Heck no I have a GPS!

Screw that I rather get to camp rather then drive around in circles trying to find it. I will ask for directions if my map fails me. Gas station attendants tend to be friendly and more then willing to point you in the right direction. Just be careful some people get their jollies from sending you the long way.

What I do prior to leaving is figure out where I am going, look at google maps, google directions, the directions on the camps websites, etc. I get turned around easily, thus I also print out any maps, directions and phone numbers I think may come in handy. That way I can always look at the map / directions again, or call them for help.

Lets face it, getting to camp can often be challenging do the distances travelled and the rural locations we end up in. There are some steps that can help.


Plan out your entire trip ahead of time, in writing. Print out details that will help you such as address, contact info, brief details, prices, etc. File this info away so that you can find it again. If you prefer you can also save it so you can look at it on your phone rather then printing it. Just remember to have the file on your phone, as you won't have a cell connection every where.

Also remember this plan is a living document. This means it can change at any time. Maybe something better comes up, the car breaks down, your just tired and decided to skip it, etc. Always be ready to shift the plan around, it is just a guideline, not a hard set rule. It is there to help the trip go smoother and be less stressful.


Technological gadget are cool, extremely helpful, and powerful tools to help us pull off an awesome trip. However, the gadget can break, the battery can go dead, there may be no signal, etc. Thus do not relay on it, always have a backup. For example: Map and Compass to backup a GPS. Change or calling card for a pay phone, as a backup for a cell phone.

Your smart phone may already do everything you need, gps, tour guide, alarm clock, internet access, turn by turn directions, flashlight, compass, etc. I highly recommend taking advantage of everything it can do, just be prepared for when it doesn't work.

Lastly, don't forget about satellite services such as OnStar that will work anywhere, even where your cell phone doesn't.

Thanks for reading, watch for part 2 of this post next week, while waiting check out our friends at Camping Survival. In the mean time come say hi on facebook and tell us what you think.

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