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By:    On: 2013-08-31

Are you familiar with the word “ferrocerium”? Or have you ever heard about it? You might be wondering what it is.

Ferrocerium is a man-made metallic material that gives off hot sparks when scraped against a rough surface. Ferrocerium is used for fire starting, similar to flint and steel. Ferrocerium-and-steel function similar to flint-and-steel.

Ferrocerium Fire StarterDifferent manufacturer of fire starting rods made this evolutionary derivative of the original flint and steel. The ferrocerium has a larger size that helps to improve its ease of use without making it too big or bulky. You can still carry it in your pocket.

What are you waiting for? Try this amazing Ferrocerium fire starter on your next camping trip. Share it with your friends.

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