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By:    On: 2013-07-20

OvaEasy are great testing eggs, that have a shelf life of 7 years. Having tried other brands, I can tell you most are not thrilling, especially when used alone. However OvaEasy eggs taste good, because they are real eggs.

They have two styles: the OvaEasy Whole Egg Crystal and OvaEasy Pop and Cook Eggs. The difference, is the way they are cooked. Egg crystal are a multi-purpose product that can be used in different ways. The pop and cook eggs are microwavable.

OvaEasy eggs are preserved by an evaporation process. They are an all-natural, dried whole egg crystal that are a substitute for powdered eggs. OvaEasy are simple to prepare: simply add water, whisk and cook.

OvaEasy gives the same nutrition as fresh eggs because it’s made from pure egg ingredients with no preservatives or other additives.ovaeasy eggs

OvaEasy is good:

  • way to cook a delicious egg recipes and is perfect for making omelettes, scrambled eggs, cakes, cookies, or any recipes that require eggs.
  • for long term storage, hiking and camping as isn't refrigerated.
  • It taste like any other fresh egg.
  • It comes in many different forms that fit your needs. It has different packaging like cans, pouches or bags.
  • It is produced in the USA by Nutriom and is proudly issued to the US Military

OvaEasy is made by gently evaporating water from fresh, whole eggs. It results in a shelf stable egg that retains its fresh taste and functionality. I highly suggest you check out this amazing product at Camping Survival.

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